Network Connect

We are building a Mesh Network connecting subscribers needing a fast, reliable, private and secure network with added services for their business or home. The network is the carrier for our services to subscribers, it is owned and maintained by us for the subcribers. A local presence with global perspective.


Internet and Email

We connect you to the Internet through a number of pipes from within the Mesh. The network capacity and redundancy is shared resulting in more consistent bandwidth and reliable connectivity. We host virtual servers and a range of transactional engines.


Data Hosting

We provide data centers for web sites, ecommerce and data storage. Data centers are strategically located locally and internationally in order to cache data, for speed and redundancy. Our services include geo directing of traffic to users to the data center closest to their logged in location.


Hosted Services

We provide a range of hosted services including streaming media, business systems hosting including Bookings, CRM, POS, Accounting and promotional and transactional emailing and merchant interchange.


eLearning Platform

We provide a platform for educational materials from preschool to university level for self paced learning. Materials from some of the world's leading elearning proponents available free on the network.


Payment Processing

Subscribers can accept online payments within the one system through our Hosted Services. The payments gateway will accept different currencies. We provide the technology and infrastructure for local merchant interchange systems.

The Gotoogle Ethos

Think Global - Act Local

We believe that the internet should be free from government control, free from big business control and free of geographic, political and cultural boundaries and restraints. We believe that the Internet and its associated technology and information should be available globally for minimal cost. We believe that the internet and its associated devices should not enslave or corrupt people financially, morally or spiritually but be a mechanism for enlightenment, entertainment and economic progress.

To this end we develop systems available to subscribers who share the cost of the projects. In delivering to subscribers, for as much as is practical, and in any case as a fall back, we build, own and manage our own environments to peserve our subscribers' investment and our local perspective.